Microorganisms for  Sustainable Disease Control in Agriculture 

Our technology

Discovery and production of antimicrobials

Bacteriocins for food preservation and human and veterinary medicine

Peptides from probiotic bacteria with antibacterial effects  on pathogenic bacterial strains and their drug resistant derivatives .

Biocontrol of plant diseases

Beneficial bacteria isolated from soil or plants used as biocontrol solutions against plant diseases

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria used as biostimulants for optimized plant growth


Innovative Microbiology for Sustainable Agriculture in Ås

AgriBiotix AS, based in Ås, Norway, is a small biotechnology company developing sustainable biocontrol products containing beneficial microorganisms with antifungal and plant growth promoting activities. We are also identifying and purifying antimicrobial bacteriocins from probiotic bacteria.

The company was established in 2022, based on many years of research conducted at Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research at Ås. We are driven by our commitment to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge solutions that help farmers to improve plant and animal health and increase yields while reducing the need for antibiotics and harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Our services

Contract research 

Mouse skin infection models 

We have established mouse skin infection models with Luciferase tagged Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) for testing new antimicrobial compounds

Greenhouse- and biocontrol trials

We can help you with conducting plant growth experiments and plant infection trials in our green house facilities

Antimicrobial peptides and lipopeptides

AgriBiotix offer antimicrobial bacteriocins with activity towards a range of bacterial pathogens and their antibiotic resistant derivates 


Biocontrol using beneficial bacteria

-We are Utilizing bioprospecting techniques to discover new beneficial bacteria for sustainable biocontrol solutions.

- AgriBiotix focuses on environmentally friendly practices to enhance agricultural sustainability.

- Our innovative approach ensures the development of effective and safe biocontrol solutions for a greener future.


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