Mouse infection model services

Mouse infection model services for testing antimicrobial compounds

Our state-of-the-art mouse facilities ensure the highest standards for research and development. AgriBiotix provides services for testing antimicrobial formulations containing your active ingredient in our luciferase tagged MRSA wound infection models.

Why use luciferase tagged bacteria model?

  1. Reduced number of mice for the experiment
  2. Following the same animals during the whole experiment
  3. See the results within hours or even minutes after treatment – easy to find the optimal  treatment (dose, concentration of antimicrobials etc)
  4. Especially good for testing novel antimicrobials.

MRSA biofilm in wound

Luciferase tagged MRSA makes biofilms in the wound after 24h. Using mouse models infected with luciferase tagged MRSA strains enables visual inspection of infection progress without needing to sacrifice the mice. 


Luciferase tagged bacterial strain collection

We offer in vitro activity assays and in vivo infection models with the following species:

  • S. typhimurium
  • E. coli
  • P. aeruginosa
  • P. mirabilis
  • L. monocytogenes
  • P. aeruginosa PAO1
  • Y. enterocolitica